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Long time no see guys! Life's been knocking on my door and I'm afraid I had to answer it.

Like many of you may know the new Hobbit: DoS had come out and I watched the marathon on tuesday. It was @!O%FMG%&!! :la: ANDOMFGIWANTTOSPOILSOMUCHTOYOUGUYSBUTICANTANDWILLRUINYOUREXPERIENCE!!!!

Now let's be serious for a moment:
The ongoing fanfictions (All Shall Fade & A Writer's Tale) will no longer be updated here at DeviantArt, but will be here at I am putting A Writer's Tale a bit on hold since I now want to focus on All Shall Fade and get that going before I return my attention to it. Things are still very frail, new and a bit uneasy and the story needs to get moving now that I still have my muse.

And I am thinking about re-writing An Unexpected Jour- Dwarf. Thoughts?

~Cheers! :blowkiss:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
The words diverse and emotional define me.

For everything I manip, write or conjure via a different way is meant to move the reader, watcher or visitor. I pull satisfaction out of other's people joy and that drives me to continue to make art, even though it's very amateuristic and done in my spare time.

Me in a nutshell:
- I'm Dutch :D
- I have german and french lineages
- My type of music evolves around dubstep, rock, soundtracks and everything in between.
- I DISGUST boybands
- My ideal type of man is well-dressed, has a strong and steady personality (knows what he wants/likes), is confident and shows it (but not in an arrogant way!) and must have something appealing/attractive that marks him as an individual :horny:
- I feel attracted to dark hair, fair skin and light eyes. Richard Armitage is the embodiement of my ideal man. No joke and no coincedence! It always has been this way!
- I practice horse-riding and have quite an athletic and well-formed body.
- I LOVE animals :love:
- I am fond of badass dudes, especially hot villains.
- I dye my hair in three colours: Black, mahony red and aubergine. At the same time. Mahony red base, aubergine on top (gives a purple reddish glow) and black streaks. AWESOME! :love:
- My real hair colour is ash-blond.
- One day I want to emigrate to New-Zealand, Australia, England, Canada or Sweden.
- I NEVER follow the crowd or fashion and wear whatever I like and looks good on me :D
- I think that I should loose weight despite the fact that I am fairly lean and slim. (Belly fat.. I hate belly fat)
- I am sometimes not the easiest to get along with. For I have a strong personality and can be quite (most of the time unintentionally) blunt. But I can also be very diplomatic and suave ;)

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*tackleglomp* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
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Hi there XD long time no talking~ how you've been? :iconheartlessdummyplz:

erm, yeah XD I was just doing nothing and pretty much this fell in front of me, I thought it might interest you xP
SpiritOfNature Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That is one book that I would definitely read! But only if the entire wasn't gender switched, just Bilbo :P
LimstellaLebrun Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol after I left you the link I went to Amazon, they have a preview, and it didn't quite catch my eye, but it has a lot of reviews, most of them giving it 4 stars :P they say it isn't The Hobbit as it is, but is more like an allegory of it... in space XD
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I appreciate your support! :la:
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